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The list of productions of participation as a performer

MOLS_vol.1 (Live streaming)

Performance Date: 22.03.2020
at Club der polnischen Versager (Berlin, Germany)

Makoto Sakamoto (Soundscape)
Keisuke Sugawara (Performance)
Ari Matsuoka (Video)

Performance archive on YouTube / MOLS magazine



©︎MOLS magazine

The First Moment of Marwa El Sherbini
Directed by Noa Gur

Performance Date: 29.06.2019
Das Bundeskanzleramt / site-specific (Berlin, Germany)

Almost 10 years ago, Marwa el Sherbini, a young woman of Egyptian origin, residing in Dresden, was brutally murdered inside the city's courtroom by the right-wing extremist against whom she testified. This incident raised fierce questions towards the state's authorities & their representatives (Judges, officials, and the police who shot Marwa's husband instead of her attacker). Nevertheless, responsibility has not been taken and her family's lawsuit against the german court was rejected three times so far. Through assembling legal records & further information the case is reenacted, the performers (trained as dancers) are talking and moving in reverse, while reversing the timeline from her death back to life & reality that preceded to a sequence of events, through using backward movement & speech.

Daniel Adams, Irina Demina, Zihern Lee, Xica Lisboa, Pauline Payen, Keisuke Sugawara, Sebastian Rein, and Alexey Trubarov

The Body keeps the score
Choreographed by Jara Serrano

Images - Neue Choreografien
Performance Date: 5 - 6.10.2019
at Pfefferberg Theater (Berlin, Germany)

...our professional training was geared to helping us stay
in control in the face of terrifying and confusing realities.



from Contemporary Dance Performance "Nature"
Performance Date: 02.02.2019
TheaterHaus Berlin Mitte (Berlin, Germany)

Hita-Hita is a special word in Japanese that has some meaning as follows: -A sound that water hits. -A situation where water approaches step by step. -A situation where something will soak.
-A situation that tightly adheres to something. -A smooth movement of water. This choreography is inspired by the word Jozen Wa Mizu No Gotoshi of Laozi Tao Te Ching. in one could have and imagine a lithe mind like water, it can be that all one's relations will go well.


Marie Akashi, Aya Nakagawa, Keisuke Sugawara,  Aika Tsuchida and Takayoshi Tsuchida

Hita - Hita
Choreographed by Takayoshi Tsuchida


©︎Kei Tanaka


Orgazined by OFAC projekt
(Over Fence Art Connection / Takayoshi Tsuchida, Aika Tsuchida and Keisuke Sugawara)

Performance Date: 05.10.2018
Acker Stadt Palast (Berlin, Germany)

In 1927, a total of 13.000 dolls had been gifted to Japanese children by foreign countries far from Japan with cherished as proof of friendship. When the children who welcomed the dolls became adults. World WarⅡ had started and the world changed. All of the foreign books were burned, music and words were prohibited. Dolls were also burned or spared by the bamboo as a spy of the enemy country. there were blue eyes dolls that were thought to be burned or broken, but although there were people secretly hidden in the back of the school's shelf or in the warehouse as a doll had no guilt. Current dolls are the dolls kept by those few hands. "Mildred" is one of the protected dolls. It is the old name that means flexible gentle, soft, and strong. Later, as an appreciation, Japan sent Cherry Blossoms to countries. the performance created based on the true story.


Aya Nakagawa, Sakura Inoue, Nele Handtke, Keisuke Sugawara
Aika Tsuchida and Takayoshi Tsuchida

Choreographed by Takayoshi Tsuchida


©︎Kei Tanaka

©︎Kei Tanaka

Bergmannkiez (Japan Tour 2020)

Tour Date: 04 - 19.01.2020

三津浜・木村邸 (EHIME)
Tytär Exhibition (AICHI)
Give me little more (NAGANO) NAKAMEGURO (TOKYO)

The potential of both music and performance. Researching the way of "improvisation". Leaving what we felt at that time. A space where the same thing is never born. Cutting off moments. Memorizing. Repeating and Aooending on scores.

Tatsumi Ryusui (Music)
Keisuke Sugawara (Performance)
Yumi Tatebe (Costume)


©︎Shawn Woody

Open Rehearsal

Performance Date: 12.01.2024
at Alternative Space LiLiOn (Tokyo, Japan)

Shion Yokoo-Ruttas (Estonia / Performing artist)
Keisuke Sugawara (Germany / Performing artist)


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