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mellem to / between two is an overall work title for a series of pieces made between


Two Bodies, Two Minds and TwoCultures.

It is a sustainable performance project between Denmark and Germany started in 2018.

We explore comprehensive and avant-garde stage expression based on the histories the two have as dancers and ideas derived from the experiences gained around the world.  How do the sensibilities brought by these two with different experiences and cultural backgrounds react on each other and coexist in the space?


We, as dancers, usually take physical approaches to carry out our research for creation. However, through the process of creating our work, we explore ways to understand how each individual exists in the society and build relationships with others from that perspective. These are the subjects that many of us face in our daily lives.

Working Topics to Explore:



The subjectivity of self (ego) is variable all the time. If so, isn't unstable to hold on to it / to believe in? We started with this question above. If what is called ego is fragile; can it then be the base of our decision making or is the answer to be found in the relation in between oneself and the other-self or object? 

As a premise, we clearly present our own "subjectivity(ego)". What we wish to research is the "Inter-subjectivity" between us. Under what circumstances could we more clearly and more delicately talk with others through our bodies.

A living body exists in a space.

How does the self exist for other coexisting existences (not limited to human)?  How would we react, accept and synchronize to them? Or would we choose to neglect and reject?
When choosing something and causing a movement, how do we select, by what reason, for what? These questions would be very ideological to logically unravel them and it might be a potential area that is very ambiguous. However, we are forced to make the choice on a daily basis. And whatever choice we make, is the ANSWER from the living body. That exists as a truth. When we get to know more clearly how to be ourselves, our life in a society could be changed radically. 
We speak through our bodies and I believe that the body has plenty of possibilities other than kinematics. While movement gives our body satisfaction, our heart is also proportionally satisfied.

Previous Works

2019 - „en mand, der sidder navnløs, en kvinde med en Lanterne"

Premiere at Teater Momentum (Odense, Denmark)

Other Performances: Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte (Berlin, Germany) /2019

6th Erbil International Theater Festival (Erbil, Iraq) / 2019

2020 - Lige så stille... (Canceled due to the Covid-19)

mellem to 1_edited.jpg

Christina Dyekjær

- Dancer based in Denmark -

Took her degree in stage dance at Danceworks Berlin. Hereafter, she went to dance with Francesca Selva Dance Compagnia. At this time she had her first meeting with Zooz Approach and have been performing under guidance of Opay L. Goldberg, founder of Zooz Approach. She is further more working at the Deutsche Oper and have in collaboration with various artist around the world such as India, Norway, Germany and Italy set up a number of performances. As dance is a continues study through out life she have been giving stipendiums to further study within the Martha Graham Technic in New York.“ After moving back to Denmark she is now part of Funen dance company/Det Fynske Dansekompagni.

Keisuke Sugawara

- Dancer based in Germany-

Studied Performing Arts under Jody Reed in Anchorage, Alaska. Professional performance career with various choreographers and directors in Tokyo, Japan. He also travels constantly and performs in different countries. Since 2017, he based in Berlin, Germany. Creating own works and presenting in different countries such as In Germany, Denmark, Iraq and Japan. He also often collaborates with musicians and visual artists to develop experimental research.

He creates the landscapes that he owns. They are created from his own experiences, stimuli gained abroad, delusion and images from other arts.
Director of “mellem to” project with Christina Dyekjaer.

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