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Funded period: 17.12.2020 - 30.04.2021

This is a research project to explore how to establish “individual existence” and “relationships with others” through physical movements. Performer Keisuke Sugawara, who has actively worked in the theater art field, asserts the importance of individual existence in the society while exploring ways to accept and coexist with others. The creation will be developed through a creative process in collaboration with artists of various genres.

Previous works

・PV.03-061 (Year: 2022)

・PV.02-031 (Year: 2021)


research through the following process - create into a performance


Prozess.1: „Noten finden“ in visuellen Materialien (finding notes in the visual material)

Prozess.2: „Score zeichnen“ mit den Noten (drawing the score with the notes)

Prozess.3: „Score Koexistenz" im selben Raum (Score coexistence in the same room)

Prozess.4: „Notation  entwickeln“ mit Symbolen (Developing notation with symbols)

pictures from the first research period at acker stadt palast in berlin, germany

Description of the project


“I” - how do I establish my existence? Based on what do I make a choice?

In a fast-changing society full of information, it can be difficult to understand ourselves. How well do you know yourself?  With these questions, I made an assumption that a clue for understanding oneself lies in “relationships with others”. I believe that we could get a better understanding of ambiguous “oneself” through action, choice and change in emotions which occur when building relationships with others.

For the above subjects, we will conduct our research using a “visual score” (minimal material such as a picture, photo or a piece of poem).  It will be provided to the collaboration artists and they will work on individual creation based on their own interpretation and expression for the visual score. We will then let the material by each artist (their own expression = subjectivity, hereafter “E = S”) coexist in the same space and observe what kind of reactions (i.e. sensuous changes within the individuals and change in their expressions due to the physical restrictions) will occur and how we will present a solution for that as a collective.

Idea of the score_2.jpg

The purpose of this research is to explore how we can exist as a collective while each artist carries through their own “E = S” as well as how we can establish “individual existence” within the collective. To present our interpretation and hypothesis generated in the research, I will compose the research into a performance product based on my experiences and knowledge as a theater artist/director. What I aim to achieve through this research will become more than a one-sided view based on the sceneries in my head; instead we will see multi-dimensioned, diverse sceneries where “E = S” of each artist coexists. Through my artistic activities, I attempt to build a hypothesis for the issues we encounter in our society which are invisible, but exist nonetheless.


I will continuously develop this research on a long-term basis to understand the “Intersubjektivität” advocated by Husserl in the 20th century through physical approach and art.

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