菅原圭輔- 舞踊家/ 振付家

Keisuke Sugawara is Contemporary dancer / Choreographer/ Artist based in Berlin, Germany.

Keisuke was born in Tokyo, Japan on June 22, 1991.

Keisuke studied Dance and Performing arts under Jody Reed in Anchorage,Alaska. 

When he graduated from high school,

he took time to travel around in Europe, such as Netherland, Belgium, France, Germany and Italy. Thorough the experiences of his trip, he decided to dance as a profession.
When Keisuke came back to Japan, he started to focus on training

Modern and Contemporary dances.  

with Chikage, NaHeek and Taijyu Matsumoto and others.

also he started his profession performance career with various dancers, choreographers, artists and directors around in Tokyo. 


Besides dancing in Japan, He travels to take classes, WS constantly, and performs projects in different countries.
New York in 2012/14. London in 2015.

from 2017, He moved to Berlin, Germany.


アラスカ州アンカレッジのEast High Schoolにて、ダンスやPerforming artsをJody Reedに師事。卒業後、単身バックパッカーとしてシュツットガルト、マルセイユなどをはじめヨーロッパ各地を巡る。




Education (studied under)

Performing ArtsJody Reed               Ballet: 岸川英里(Eri Kishikawa)

Simonson TechniqueChikage             ContemporaryNaHeek and 松本大樹( Taijyu Matsumoto)

Performances Experiences

2020  MOLS with Ari Matsuoka and Makoto Sakamoto at Club der polnischen Versager in Berlin, Germany

2019  the Body keeps the score Choreographer: Jara Serrano at Pfefferberg Theater in Berlin, Germany
2019  Marwa Choreographer: Noa Gur at Bundeskanzleramt in Berlin, Germany
2019  Hita-Hita Choreographer: Takayoshi Tsuchida at TheaterHaus Berlin Mitte in Berlin, Germany

2018  Mildred Choreographer: 土田 貴好( Takayoshi Tsuchida) at Acker Stadt Palast in Berlin, Germany

2017 ​ 彩~残り香が誘う景色~ Choreographer: 菊池 純子( Junko Kikuchi) at 伝承ホール in Tokyo, Japan

2017 ​ オオタドン Choreographer: 遠田誠( Makoto Enda) at Art Museum& Library OTA in Gunma, Japan

2016  宇宙船ぺぺぺぺラン Choreographer: 松本大樹( Taijyu Matsumoto) at Session House in Tokyo,Japan

2016  祝福  Choreographer: 三浦香織( Kaori Miura) at Session House in Tokyo, Japan

2016  Spirara af Himininn2016Ver. Choreographer: Chikage at Session House in Tokyo, Japan

2015  狭き偶然、線になろうとする脆さ Choreographer: 松本大樹( Taijyu Matsumoto) at Session House in Tokyo, Japan

2015  春の祭典 Choreographer: 松本大樹( Taijyu Matsumoto) at日暮里D倉庫 in Tokyo, Japan

2014  オオカミ少年の①生 Choreographer: NaHeek at StarPain's Cafe in Tokyo, Japan

2014  Fall into a Doze Choreographer: Chikage at Session House in Tokyo, Japan

2013  コミヤクン Choreographer: NaHeek at StarPine's Cafe in Tokyo, Japan

2012  オモウライ Choreographer: NaHeek at StarPain's Cafe in Tokyo, Japan

2011   (何)それッ! Choreographer: NaHeek at StarPain's Cafe in Tokyo, Japan

2011  Onomatopee Choreographer: Chikage, NaHeek at Theater IWATO in Tokyo, Japan

Own Production : Choreography / Direction

2019  Partitur                       Premiere at Loophole in Berlin, Germany      

2019  VITALS                        Premiere at Acker Stadt Palast in Berlin, Germany 
2019  mellem to                     Premiere at Teater Momentum in Odense, Denmark
2019  Wind aus dem Norden    Premiere at HIP entertainment in Tokyo, Japan 

2018  Afterglow                     Premiere at Tanzzentrale der Region Nürnberg in NürnbergGermany
2017  PlainScape                   Premiere at Session House in Tokyo, Japan

2017  Study in Blue and Grey  Premiere at Session House in Tokyo, Japan

Project participation

Body Synergy Japan

Organized by Sayaka Tamagawa and Minami Tamagawa

Chikage and Mitsue is creating a space dance project