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Own Production:

Performance Direction

2022 - PV.03-061/

2021 - 空谷の跫音 (KUKOKU NO KYOUON)

2021 - PV.02-031 

2020 - Raum 

2020 - Streicher und Bewegung / Drei

2019 - VITALS         
2019 - en mand, der sidder navnløs,

en kvinde med en Lanterne 
2019 - Wind aus dem Norden

2018 - Afterglow
2017 - PlainScape

2017 - Study in Blue and Grey

Performances Experiences

2020  MOLS vol.1

(Concept: Ari Matsuoka)

2019  the Body keeps the score

(Choreographer: Jara Serrano)

2019  Marwa
(Choreographer: Noa Gur)

2019  Hita-Hita
(Choreographer: Takayoshi Tsuchida)

2018  Mildred

(Choreographer: Takayoshi Tsuchida)

2017 ​ 彩~残り香が誘う景色~

(Choreographer: Junko Kikuchi)

2017 ​ オオタドン
(Choreographer: (Makoto Enda)

2016  宇宙船ぺぺぺぺラン

(Choreographer: Taijyu Matsumoto)

2016  祝福
Choreographer: Kaori Miura)

2016  Spirara af Himininn2016Ver.
(Choreographer: Chikage)

2015  狭き偶然、線になろうとする脆さ
Choreographer: Taijyu Matsumoto)

2015  the Rite of Spring

(Choreographer: Taijyu Matsumoto)

2014  オオカミ少年の①

(Choreographer: NaHeek)

2014  Fall into a Doze

(Choreographer: Chikage)

2013  コミヤクン
Choreographer: NaHeek)

2012  オモウライ
(Choreographer: NaHeek)

2011   (何)それッ!
Choreographer: NaHeek)

2011  Onomatopee
Choreographer: Chikage, NaHeek)

菅原圭輔- 身体パフォーマー/ 演出家

Keisuke Sugawara is a physical performer/dancer based in Berlin, Germany.

He studied performing arts under Jody Reed in Alaska, USA.
After returning to Japan in 2007, he started working with various choreographers and directors for a number of performances, and in 2017 he moved to Germany to focus on his own expression and creation. Since then, he has created performances based on the landscapes he owns (a mixture of sceneries he has seen in the past and his imagination): "Afterglow" (2018) and "A man nameless, A woman with a lanterne.“ (2019). In parallel with his theatrical production, he also embarked on research-based creations: "VITALS" (2019) focusing on the structure of the body and respiratory organs and “2379” (2020) exploring to find connections between separated spaces, to name a few. While working on creation and presentation in Berlin, he is active in various countries around the world especially in Japan and Denmark as well as participating in the theater festival held in Iraq.

Since 2020, he has taken a new approach towards creation under the themes “individual existence” and “relationships with others”. Collaborating with artists from different genres such as musicians, filmmakers, actors and writers, he explores new ways to create experimental performances using physical movements beyond the conventional theater productions, which is presented in the performances "Streicher und Bewegung", "Drei" as well as the filmwork "Raum". In 2021, he founded “Partitur” project, a new series of movement research with support by Fonds Darstellende Künste.

アメリカ・アラスカ州で舞台芸術をJody Reedに学ぶ。日本に帰国後、2007年より舞台を中心に様々な振付師、演出家の下でパフォーマンスを行い、2017年に自身の表現と創作に目を向けるため、ドイツに活動拠点を移す。以降、主に自身が保有する風景(過去に目にした景色や想像の景色が混在する)に基づく作品『Afterglow』(2018)、『虚無の人。灯りを持つ人。』(2019)、などを発表。舞台作品と並行して、リサーチを目的にした創作にも着手し、身体の構造や呼吸器官に目を向けた『VITALS』(2019)、隔てた空間の間で繋がりを見つけるための『2379』(2020)などを発表。ベルリンを拠点に創作、発表を行いながら、日本、デンマークでの滞在制作や公演、イラクで開催された演劇フェスティバルへの参加など、世界各国で幅広く活動中

2020年からは「自己の確立」と「他者との共存」というテーマを掲げ、音楽家や映像作家、俳優、作家など、ジャンルの垣根を越えて様々なアーティストと協働しながら、実験的なパフォーマンス『Streicher und Bewegung』、『Drei』や映像作品『Raum』など、舞台のみに捉われず身体を用いた新しい芸術の在り方を探し始める。また、2021年にはFonds Darstellende Künste(ドイツ連邦政府文化振興基金)の助成対象アーティストに選出され、『Partitur』プロジェクトを発足。

Supported by:

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Education (studied under)

Performing ArtsJody Reed               Ballet: 岸川英里(Eri Kishikawa)

Simonson TechniqueChikage             ContemporaryNaHeek and 松本大樹( Taijyu Matsumoto)

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