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| Digital Screening of Raum |

I was here in Berlin, Germany, when all of this coronavirus pandemic started. As others thought,
I thought that happened in a far way country. But next moment, it had came suddenly to Europe and here in Berlin. Under the situation of Lockdown, the confusion had taken "Normal" away from everyone. 

3 months had gone. Now I am sitting on a sofa and considering what "Normal" I used to call before was. Under this new situation, I felt that a lot of people had to face themselves to maintain their behaviors.
I was also a part of that. To be honest, I have no idea how it is going be in the future and how I would adapt myself to it. But as an artist, I am feeling right to be active, not only planning future things. 
I had been thinking what I could do to stay active during this period. And I decided to present my video work "Raum" shot in Japan last year as an online streaming.


Everything might be changed from now on. Creators might need to find different forms of output from before and look for new system to adapt to the changes. Even though these things are necessary for us, the state of being ACTIVE would never change. And we keep outputting things.

This short art film "Raum" is the very first work for me as a director. I had been only working in the performing arts field before. But through the experience of living in another country and meeting new artists, my creativity and interests had opened up more. I am enjoying new means to visualize my imaginations. I think all this process would be back to my theater work as well. I am very excited to see what kind of landscapes, feelings and impressions would reach you thorough this short film.

At the end, I would like to thank all those who supported the project as well as  this streaming event. Without this team, I could have not created this work from my fragmental images. Thank you.

Greeting from Berlin
Keisuke Sugawara


I really appreciate any kind of support for my creativity work.

You can donate through PayPal or Credit card if you enjoy this film, Raum.

Thank you.

Makoto Sakamoto | reflection full album mix on SOUNDCLOUD

Download Raum Digital Brochure

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20200403 Keep going together.jpg
Raum logo.png

Title: Raum (Room)

Duration:11mins | Location: Tokyo, Japan | Shooting date: 27/12/2019


Rika Kashima Keisuke Sugawara



Director and Producer - Keisuke Sugawara

Assistant Director and Editor - Miho Yajima
Cinematographer - Rio Hirano

Hair stylist - Mika Yamakoshi
Makeup - Moe Takemoto
Technical assistant - Sou Yoshida

Text | Subtitle - Keisuke Sugawara
Assistance for the Subtitle - Yui Tamura 



 Makoto Sakamoto "Yoin" from Reflection

Special Thanks:
Nobuhito Fukuoka | Makiko Kubota | Ayaka Matsu | Maki Suzuki | Kana Takagi | 移動喫茶 農遊人

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